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Win Loss Analysis With a Purpose


Does your Win Loss analysis begin and end with deal review that no one reads or uses? Stop wasting your time and money and try Win Loss analysis with a purpose. Compete2Win specializes in executing Win Loss analysis tied to your most important strategic sales, marketing, and product priorities. Whether your priority is executing Account Based Marketing, establishing a competitive strategy, developing buyer personas, or informing your messaging for a new product launch, Compete2Win’s Win Loss services are purpose built to inform those initiatives and increase your chances of success. With Compete2Win you will be working with Sales, Marketing and Product leaders with over 25 years of experience in those roles who know what actionable intelligence looks like. Contact us now to see what Win Loss Analysis with a purpose can do for your initiatives.

With Compete2Win, You Can:

01 / Leverage customer insights in strategic planning.

Improve your strategic planning process and make better business decisions by capturing customer feedback and translating it into actionable insights.

02 / Increase your win rate.

Your win rate tells the whole story. Compete2Win helps you implement a systematic process to understand why you win or lose and to consistently beat your competition.

03 / Know your buyer.

Get real world insights from your recent wins and losses to understand the customer buying process and perspective from the key deal influencers.

04 / Fine tune your message.

Create presentations and marketing materials that focus on your strengths that matter most to the buyer based on their role in the organization.

05 / Unmask your competition.

Separate competitive marketing fluff from tested realities. Understand your competition better, verify real product capabilities and gaps, and find competitive weaknesses that you can exploit in the sales process.

Tailored Win Loss Services

Whatever your most important strategic initiatives may be, we can tailor our custom Win Loss services to help inform those efforts.




“How do I systematically incorporate the voice of my customers into our strategic plans?” C2W will implement a process to connect you with your most important customers and gain insights that can be leveraged in your strategic planning process — without the cost and logistical headaches of a traditional customer advisory board. C2W will continually gather and present key customer perspectives to inform your most important strategic decisions.


C2W works with your team to establish a Virtual Customer Advisory Board (VCAB) and then uses a proven methodology to guide customer conversations to gather relevant, honest feedback. Customer input is consolidated and summarized into key insights and actionable recommendations from the C2W Partners, and presented alongside direct perspectives from customers and conversation highlights.



“How do I best understand the most important needs of my buyer?” C2W conducts targeted research by interviewing your buyers, sales team, partners and other sources from recent deals. You will get a clear understanding of each buyer persona from the executive sponsor, to the technical lead and end users. You will clearly understand each buyer’s needs, must-haves vs. nice-to-haves, commercial perspectives, competitive alternatives, and marketplace perceptions of you and your competitors.


A comprehensive report outlining top buyer needs and solution requirements, top sales obstacles and how to overcome them, and messaging insights for each buyer role.

Competitor Profile



“How do I win against my most important competitor(s)?” C2W leverages internal sales interviews, partner interviews and buyer interviews to provide a clear picture of specific competitor capabilities so that you can easily separate marketing hype from true product features.


Comprehensive competitor report detailing recommended competitive talking points, a meaningful feature comparison matrix, and key insights on your competitor, how they win, how they position against you, and the credibility of claims vs. tested reality.



“How can my sales team increase our win rate in the deals that we care the most about?” C2W assesses the effectiveness of your sales process and marketing tools relative to your top competition. C2W delivers intelligence that will enable your sales team to beat your toughest competitors by ensuring they have the most important insights about how your competitors are selling against you.


Comprehensive report outlining the strengths and weaknesses in your sales process relative to the competition in the eyes of your sales team, partners, and most importantly the buyers. Focus on improving effectiveness in qualifying deals, delivering presentations and demos, understanding buyer needs, and ultimately proposing deals that will be more compelling than the competition.


Our clients win their most important deals with a strategic approach that leverages in-depth intelligence and research.  See how we can help you achieve higher win rates today!

Who We Are


When you work with Compete2Win you are working with sales, marketing and product professionals who understand what it takes to win highly competitive deals. Compete2Win was founded by industry veterans Max Anhoury and Scott Olson, each of whom bring over 25 years of experience leading high tech firms in the security and fraud management industry. They personally work hand-in-hand with each customer to ensure the bottom line results that lead to winning more deals.



Max Anhoury is an experienced business leader with a broad understanding of strategy and operations in many industries. As the CEO, Max took his first start-up organization, CommercePath, from inception to sale to a publicly traded company. As a member of the executive team for the acquiring company, Captaris, Max had responsibility for his division of the global organization as well as Global Sales responsibilities.

After Captaris, Max focused on acquiring, operating and selling businesses in his own portfolio. And evaluating start-up enterprises as a Member of the Desert Angels, then positioning those start-ups for early stage investment. This broad background has given Max valuable experience, some good and some challenging, to understand what businesses need to be successful.

Over the past 8 years Max held executive positions in Sales, Marketing and Global Partnerships for iovation; he brings expertise to the fraud, security, identity and access management space.


Scott Olson is a leader in strategic marketing and product strategy with 25+ years of experience and a specialization in security and fraud management technology. Scott is a founding partner in Compete2Win, a market research and competitive intelligence services company.

Prior to Compete2Win, Scott led marketing and product teams at multiple businesses, and had a proven track record in establishing companies as thought leaders in emerging markets. A pioneer in network security, Scott founded one of the first commercially viable IDS companies, WheelGroup, that was purchased by Cisco Systems in 1998. He also led marketing at WholeSecurity, a pioneer in trojan horse detection, that was purchased by Symantec in 2005. More recently Scott led marketing and product strategy at iovation, a leader in fraud management and authentication solutions.

As a graduate from Duke University in Electrical Engineering (Recipient of the 2007 Distinguished Young Alumni Award), and from the University of Texas at Austin MBA program, Scott brings technical depth and extensive business experience to any company he works with.


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